Day 200! ………………How Did We Get Here? (151)

“Boko Haram: Military raises fresh alarm”

…the insurgents have resorted to using women and children as human shields in order to halt or slow down the troops’ advance. –

We have known this all along, that Boko Haram will, and is resorting to this well known tricks of all Islamic fighters who use women and children as shield to advance and kill, while protecting themselves. Cowards! What can we say to the Military? Not to advance? Not to strike? I personally will want them to move on and strike, human shield or not. They should try and foray through the midst of the shield until they can get to Boko Haram. In war we make sacrifices.

“Boko Haram Can Be Defeated In 2 Months If… – Okorocha”

…only if visionary and efficient leadership is encouraged at the highest level of power in Nigeria.

This man here is talking politics. Sure Boko Haram has always been a political weapon created by the sponsors to cow the rest of the country. However, to defeat it requires the cooperation of all of us. Until the whole country sees the need to unite and root out Boko Haram, and I mean the whole country, Boko Haram will continue to prevail.

“Boko Haram, a political instrument of govt -Balarabe Musa”

…has described Boko Haram as an instrument of government created to destabilise the country and to shift focus during the 2015 elections.

If Balarabe is insinuating that Boko Haram is the birth child of the political South, then he must be dreaming, or he thinks the rest of us are fools. Boko Haram is the birth child of the North, which the North lost control of. Today, it has become the problem of the whole country.

(We will continue.)

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