Day 199! ………………How Did We Get Here? (150)

“Want to run for president of Nigeria? Only $132,000”

Even though the Nigerian money is the Naira, most Nigerians think of money in terms of dollars. Why so? Well, Nigerians are world travelers, and dollars is the only money that has value the world over. However, the above headline is scandalous. This is why politicians, civil servants and people in government only think of how to defraud. If someone can shell out such an amount, that person will consider the payment an investment. The Nigerian government has become, or rather, has been turned into a kind of business, where people who can invest the most, get the most return. This is Nigeria!

“Suicide bomber kills 48 students in Nigeria”

Absolutely, no comment!

“Nigerian ambassador blasts US refusal to sell lethal weapons for war on Islamic extremists”

The Nigerians now know who their friends are. At the end of all this, I will like to know what America will say or do. It will be interesting to know. One thing is certain, Nigeria will survive Boko Haram with or without help from America, or Britain, both comrades in setting Nigeria up for failure, but we will not fail. If only they know how resilient Nigerians can be. This thing called Boko Haram will self-destroy, and the enemies both abroad and at home will be put to shame for the part they played. God deh!

“Nigeria Says U.S. Not Giving Enough Support to Fight Rebels”

President Jonathan is saying this today, but he has not said exactly in what way the Americans are not supporting. We know they have refused to sell arms to Nigeria, and that they are watching to see Nigeria fall. No, Nigeria will not fall, we shall arise and all her enemies will fall.

(We will continue.)

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