Day 202! ………………How Did We Get Here? (153)

“Nigerian Army, Hunters and Vigilantes Retake Towns From Boko Haram”

So it is true that the hunters are now living up to their promise. The government should take them seriously. In fact, we know that hunters, especially in our mythologies, have special powers. Powers that sometimes allow them to change from their human nature to animal nature. In real life, we also know that hunters never hunt unless they have been re-enforced with charms buried in their skins, worn across the chest or as belt before they enter the forest to hunt. No hunter, in real life ventures into the forest without these charms that allow them to assume any form they chose while in the forest. If the hunters are getting results with Boko Haram, the government should take note and use their services.

“Nigeria to buy arms from Russia”

The news says that Nigeria is in negotiations with Russia to buy arms, and that Russia has not yet agreed to sell. I hope the government knows what they are doing. Let it not be like running from frying pan to fire. During the Biafran war, we had scientists who produced some dreaded and powerful weapons. We suspected that the war was brought to an abrupt end to stifle that kind development coming from the Igbos. I would rather Nigeria looks inward for arms rather than invite a country that now seems to be spoiling for a third world war. Nigeria should resuscitate the scientists of “Ogbunigwe,” (killer of droves).

“Why we refused to sell Cobra attack helicopters to Nigeria – U.S.

(The United States has said that it refused to sell its Cobra helicopters to Nigeria due to concerns about the Nigeria’s military ability to use and maintain them.)

What stops America from training the Nigerians to use the air crafts? Or is this just one of the many excuses?

(We will continue.)

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