Day 203! ………………How Did We Get Here? (154)

“Boko Haram invades two towns in NE Nigeria”
“Three dead in Nigeria air crash as Boko Haram attack”
“Nigeria insurgents retake village of abducted schoolgirls”
“Boko Haram militants ‘seize Nigerian town of Chibok’”

I will like to comment on the above headlines, but what can I say?… Boko Haram is on a mission, and until they are rooted out, they will continue to prove to themselves that their mission is right. We all know that they are wrong, and that wrong can never over-shadow right. Let’s continue praying and watching. When the time comes, God’s time, we will all come to know who is in control. Their nemesis is walking right next to them, and with them.

(We will continue.)