March 28, 2015, was election day in Nigeria, but it is not until today, March 31, that we finally got the results, with President Jonathan conceding defeat. Kudos to him for doing one thing right for the country.
He failed the country in many ways. He failed education, he failed in governorship, in fact, he was an all round failure. A weak leader who surrounded himself with yes men, people who used him for their own aggrandizement, and people he used to do his dirty work. Imagine swearing in ministers just days before his re-elections bid… How did he want people to see or interpret that?! President Jonathan’s rule showed us why too much education is not a guarantee for good rulership.
They say that General Buhari is not educated enough to rule. My only concern about his win is that he has ruled before with nothing to show for it. He ruled with iron fist, at a time when he could have made serious impact, but he too failed the country, and mostly failed the North, his constituency. His win is the lesser of two evils. I do not see much good coming from it, but he has the mandate now to prove us wrong. If Nigeria is going to remain a country, Buhari’s rule will be the determining factor. Let’s just wait and see.

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