#The Mystery Surrounding the Chibok Girls Deepens

April 14, 2015
The Mystery Surrounding the Chibok Girls Deepens

About this time, a year ago, 270 girls were rudely and violently awakened from their sleep and abducted by the Boko Haram blood thirsty group. Since then, we have been made to understand that 50 of the girls succeeded in escaping, leaving another 215 or about that number, still in captivity. It is not known how this murderous group succeeded in hiding these girls. I, personally don’t believe that they still have those girls intact, or in small groups, as some people seem to believe. If those girls are around, and still in Nigeria, they would have been found. The fact that no one knows their whereabouts shows that something dreadful, unspeakable must have happened to them.
I strongly believe that the continued captivity of those girls caused the downfall of the former President Jonathan. Their continued captivity will test this new president, although I have said it many times over before that the North raised Boko Haram to harass the South, but particularly to ensure Jonathan’s failure as president, and to take over rulership. We also know that, at a certain point, the sponsors of Boko Haram lost control of the group. It is our hope now, that as they have succeeded in regaining power, they should restrain Boko Haram, and obliterate them completely, if not, they will soon come to know that what goes round, comes round.
They should find and free those girls, or tell us their fate. Nothing less will be acceptable.

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