Nigeria will Survive

U.S. to Nigeria: No Guns to Fight Boko Haram

For some time now, I have lost interest in commenting on the Nigerian government and her apparent failure in curbing excesses in the country, and especially excesses in the government it self. But when I read stories like the one with the heading above, written it seems to point fingers everywhere else other than at the real problem, I will comment.

First, I disagree with America, and the excuses they came up with in denying help to Nigeria with ousting Boko Haram. In refusing to help Nigeria in her moment of dare need, America has created rancor between herself and Nigeria. America may need Nigeria one day, and this could come up. What goes round, they say, comes round. No excuse by America can ever justify the damage that Boko Haram and those behind them have done to Nigeria and her people. In other words, when you see someone drowning, you save the person first before you judge the person. This is what I have come to learn as the spirit of the American justice. If afterwards you find this person guilty, punish the guilty.

Although corruption has eaten very deep into the Nigerian fabric, not all Nigerian are guilty of this. If you have followed my blog, you will see that I have always advocated a cure for the corruption in high places in Nigeria. So far, the government has not dismissed any top military commander for the failures of the military with Boko Haram, why? Because the military is corrupt. Same goes for all heads of department in the ministries where corruption is rampant.

We cannot continue to run the government with the same corrupt people at the helm. With a new president coming in, let’s hope that he will be able to deals with this cankerworm and root it out. He should start by finding and delivering those Chibok girls.