We Are Waiting And Watching Chief!

Nigeria’s President Buhari Fires Heads of Military Defence Staff

Nigeria sacks four military chiefs

Nigerian President Buhari Replaces Top Military Chiefs Amid Boko Haram Violence

At last!!! Nigeria’s new head of state, Ret. Gen. Buhari has done what we have been asking to be done for month, since the abduction of the Chibok girls. The above screaming headlines that appeared on the news today, have brought some relief, and I am sure that many who have being following the events of Boko Haram in Nigeria must have also felt relief. Those top military brass and their counterparts in the other arms of the military deserved not only to be sacked. I hope they will also be probed. It will not be enough to sack them, and let them off that easy, maybe with full military benefits even, not minding the damage they have done to the country due to their indolence.
How could they ever explain the fact that, at their watch, Boko Haram laid waste to parts of the country, and continues to do so? How could they even think that it is okay to live it up in Abuja, while sending off to the battle front ill equipped soldiers to do their dirty job?
In Nigeria, anything goes!

It will never be okay that we have, or supposed to have a military that allowed Boko Haram to last this long in Nigeria, long enough to do so much damage to the people, and the image of Nigeria.
If this reshuffle, does not bring about the required change, which is the total annihilation of Boko Haram, the military should be completely reshuffled from down up. A probe committee should be set up immediately to begin to clean out corruption. It can be done.

Buhari’s (Nearly) Bare Cabinet

About Buhari’s nearly bare cabinet, for which he has been dubbed “Baba Go Slow.” The man should be left alone to take all the time he needs to come up with, who knows, a formula that will work. The important thing is that after all the waiting, he comes up with a viable and winning formula. Let him take all the time he needs.
Nigeria is a hard nut to crack!

When I read yesterday that he is taking a 50% pay cut, I smiled. As far as I am concerned, that is all for show. He doesn’t need to tell us. If he has taken a cut, we will know. We are watching!


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