Nigeria In Turmoil!

Part 1

I was horrified this morning to see the Bus Terminal at Oyinbo in Lagos razed to the ground by fire, and all the Buses with it. That is not good at all. The revolution that is taking place in Nigeria should be aware of one thing. They should never go against public services. Because that will be like going against ourselves. Rather, they should go against all the ill-gotten goods and wealth of our corrupt rulers wherever they are. Please, compatriots, never again go against our public services. Our so-called elected officers do not ride buses, we do. So, please, don’t give them any cause to laugh at us.

4 thoughts on “Nigeria In Turmoil!

  1. yvettemcalleiro

    Your message is one the whole world needs to hear. Destroying one’s own neighborhood does not teach the perpetrators a lesson. It simply makes life more difficult for those already suffering. Sending you a virtual hug, Joy… 😥


  2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Joy, it seems the whole world is in a state of unrest. I know you have been dealing with this for a long time and I feel your pain. We are getting a taste of unrest in the United States and I am concerned about it. I do have faith in the American people to handle this. We shall see. Stay strong my friend.



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