Nigeria In Turmoil!

Watch Out For The Spoilers!

 I hear that some people are tribalizing the revolution taking place in Nigeria. This is the same divide and rule tactics used in keeping the people down so that while two dogs are fighting, the third one steals the bone. It worked before … not this time. Nigerian youths … be wise! This is your chance! Don’t let them steal it from you! Be on high ALERT! Continue to keep the protest, peaceful.

Watch out, hunt down and destroy those hoodlums who use the cover of your peaceful protest to commit crimes of burning public services, and destroying and looting of private properties. Keep your protest focused on the ideals on which it started, which is to bring about change and to end corruption in Nigeria. Do not allow spoilers to infiltrate your rank and files because they are now seriously at work trying to do so. Yoruba Ronu, indeed!!!

5 thoughts on “Nigeria In Turmoil!

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I’m watching “The Real” with an actor from Nigeria (Sterling K. Brown) and they are asking for our help. He said if you don’t want them to immigrate to America, then help them end this corruption. Its gaining international attention.


  2. yvettemcalleiro

    The opportunists always come out when there is chaos. Their actions try to change the narrative. It happens in the U.S. as well. I hope they try to keep their protests peaceful and don’t allow the others to change the narrative.



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