Here’s to all book lovers! This season, while you sit on your warm and cozy sofa in front of a crackling fireplace, you can travel the world with these books crafted especially for your reading pleasure.

Check them out 

  1. Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women.

This book gives you a glimpse into some aspects of the lives of Igbo Women of Nigeria with focus on their battles and successes, but mostly on their resilience and determination to live. 

Here, the author captures the heart of the Igbo culture, their beliefs, and that part of their lives that remains a mystery. This is not a Zombie story. It is the story of Life and of Life after.

This coming-of-age story sees the protagonist going through life’s hurdles, alone in a foreign country. 

A selection of Short Stories featuring life’s different pits and falls.

The Life of a Toddler and all the pains of growing up. A great read for your kids aged 4 -8.

Life in the city can be very treacherous. Here is a story which says, “you may never know who your neighbors are”!

.    Not Again, Grandma – A Really Short Read

A children’s story about Grandma losing it!

.    The Agent of Death – A Micro Read

Death, we know is the final destination. Why does it seem in this story that death has targeted one family?

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