Day 44!!!!

I will like to believe that the silence surrounding the fate of our 276 missing girls, which we are experiencing now, means that something good is going to happen, soon. This is an unfinished business that will not go away until it is resolved, silence or no silence. Let us hope that some underground work is going on to know the precise location of the girls, and the safe way to rescue them, without causing them more damage.

I don’t trust the two pieces of information that have surfaced recently. The first is that the girls have been located, and the second, that four had escaped. These could be information to make us feel good, and perhaps make us relax our pressure on the government to do something quick.

We shall not relent, not until those girls return, all of them. So let the Military or the governments not tell us anything other than that the girls are back. Any more disclosures could cause the girls to be moved. This is why I do not trust any news that their location is known. Once that information leaks, the girls will be moved. If they know where the girls are, they should move in, I mean swoop in, and rescue them.

Today is day 44!!!!. No more procrastinating! Bring those girls back now!

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