Day 45!!!!!

Those girls will be so hot on the palms of those villains as hot potatoes. I am sure that right now they are at a loss on what to do with them. Just like hot potatoes, they can’t eat them and they can’t drop them. It must be daunting moving and hiding the girls, not to talk of feeding them, and still, they are keeping them. Heartless animals! This shows how wealthy their sponsors are, and yet how myopic. They really believe that their assaults so far will force Nigeria into Islamic rule?! They can wipe out all vestiges of Western Education in the North, but that will only be in the North, and for how long?

If only name calling could kill … but they know who they are. They don’t need name calling to tell them who they are. The beasts! Delusional rogues!! How do they plan to repair all the damages they are causing in the North? Do they even have an agenda? The core of the fighters does not even know what they are fighting for, or why they are fighting.

For crying out loud, Nigeria is not at war, and yet she is attacked on a daily basis by war mongers. The Moslems are stoking the Christians asking for war. No amount of double talking will exonerate the Moslems from these attacks. So let them stop trying.

They want war. I just hope that when it begins, because there will be war if Boko Haram does not stop the assaults on Christians and Christian holdings, they will never forget that they have roused a sleeping lion. THEY WILL NOT WIN! This will not be like the Biafran war. This will be a war that will finally sanitize the country as a whole, and redress the harm done to it by the colonial masters, and after them, the army and the politicians.

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