Day 51! ……….

Still nothing! Complete silence! We hear that there is also a ban on demonstrations in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria for returning our girls, and there are also demonstration bans in other parts of the country. A ban on people agitating over the fate of our abducted girls?! The government doesn’t want to be pressured, doesn’t want to be reminded of her snail pace. Look at how many days have passed and still nothing, no word, no indication of what is going on, what to expect, anything to keep the hopes up

Let me continue to believe that a search is covertly going on, that soon, very soon, we shall all rejoice that the girls are finally back. Those girls must be returned, and we should never forget that they were taken against their will, and are forcibly held hostages. Their condition doesn’t give them any choices. Their only hope is for those of us, who are free, to continue pressuring the government of Nigeria, and the world as a whole to bring an end to this torture. Please, people of goodwill, all over the world, help to free those girls from their abductors, and bring them home. So much time have passed, and we do not want more time to pass.

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