Day 52! ………..

Talk of people being out of control, Boko Haram is now definitely out of control. They are now desperately killing and destroying on a daily basis to force world focus back on their activities, and give them a bargaining power over what would be the conditions of their demise. They want to be relevant, they want the Nigerian government and in fact the world to reckon with them, they want to remain in the news, and they are taking the deadliest route to try and achieve this.

Just last Monday, June 2, 2014, they almost wiped out a whole village, killing, pillaging, burning and destroying, all of which is the signature of their style of operation. No day passes that there are no news about their ravages, especially in the North Eastern part of the country. These are their fellow Muslims, and their crime is that they voiced out their criticisms and disagreed with the bloodshed, so in retaliation, they strike!

The Military is afraid of them, and the government seems to be afraid of them too. A government without a Military, that is how Nigeria has been reduced, vulnerable, and open to outside attacks. It is Boko Haram today, it could be any other country tomorrow. How indeed are the mighty fallen?

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