Day 53! …………

This is very frustrating to say the least. If I find the way things are not moving towards freeing those girls frustrating, how will the girls find it? It doesn’t make one single sense. To think that these marauders will give notice of their plan to attack and the Military is telling the world that they are outnumbered, underpaid, hungry, and even under armed, and because of all of the above they refuse to do their job of protecting the civilians … This is the height of mutiny. Can’t anyone else see that? How do they think this makes them look? And why should a bunch of fearful ninnies who refuse to do their job, the job they are paid to do, continue to be paid?

I have said it once, and I say it again, the Nigerian Military should either be disbanded, or completely overhauled. Nigeria does not have a Military, with a Military like this that make excuses to justify their incompetence. May God give Nigeria, the once giant of Africa, a fearless leader who will restore the lost glory of that country. Corruption is a canker worm indeed, and it has destroyed that country. God save Nigeria.

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