Day 82! ………………How Did We Get Here? (23)

The Nigerian authorities seem to forget that today, all the world is a country. What you say or what you do becomes common knowledge as soon as you say or do it. Today we read that the Nigerian authorities have found themselves a new distraction, something to keep them busy from actively taking care of the fate of our girls.
The Nigerian football team’s 2:1 loss to France at the World Cup, has provided them that distraction. They seem to have found someone to blame for that loss, the leaders of the team of course, and they have swooped on them with threats and sanctions. Luckily for these team leaders, the World Cup Organization has moved in fast to stop the charade with their own threats of sanctions, if the Nigerian government did not back off.

This is what is meant by swift action, cause and effect, a lesson for the Nigerian authorities on how to nip things on the bud. If they had taken such a swift action when Boko Haram first reared its head, our girls would not have been in bondage today. And anyway, why should they be harassing the football leaders about a loss, when they themselves are complete losers …

I think it is about time the UN sanctions Nigeria about their numerous failures; their failure to quell Boko Haram, their failure to rescues the girls … shall we continue counting?

(We will continue).

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