Day 83! ………………How Did We Get Here? (24)

We knew it, that the apparent weakness of the Nigerian Military will cause them damage. Today, we read that Boko Haram has attacked both the Military and the Police. These two law enforcement bodies, have been showing Boko Haram their weakness since Boko Haram reared its head, so now Boko Haram wants to finish them up and make it clear to all and sundry that they are the power that be in Nigeria. If they can eliminate the law enforcement forces, which by all evidence is crippled, they can then have a free run of the country. That is their plan. However, as I have maintained all these while, Boko Haram’s exploits in Nigeria are wasted efforts.

Not even a part of Nigeria, not the North, will ever totally become an Islamic State. Nigeria was not created as an Islamic country, and she will not become one. So all those blood letting is not only wasted, but will be on the heads of the marauders, and their sponsors. In the end, they will pay for their crimes, every one of them. They will all go the same way they are dealing out to others. That is the law of nemesis.

This is what gives me the courage to continue writing in support of our girls, and in holding them up. They will return. The hand of the grown up dangling a piece of sweet over the head of a child will tire, he will lower his hand, and the child will reach out, and take the sweet.

(We will continue).

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