Day 91! ………………How Did We Get Here? (32)

I hope that there will be a way that the abducted girls will come to know how much the world is hurting for their sake. Because if they do, it will make them strong and more determined to stay alive so as to see the day of their release. In these past few days, interest in their situation and condition has once again risen, especially with the visit of Malala to Nigeria and her promise to fight for the release of the girls, and to not keep silent about their predicament. “I will continue to speak out for them until they are released,” she says, and that is also where I stand in this matter.

When three weeks after their abduction, no one was paying attention to their plight, a lone voice at the CNN spurred me to take a stand by starting a blog solely for them. I had wanted the blog to be a one time thing, or to visit it only when there was the need to do so, but seeing the indolence of the Nigerian authorities on the matter, and their laid-back attitude toward the girl’s plight, I could not stop writing.

I wanted to be among the voices that will not stop crying, that will not stop asking for answers and demanding for solutions. I wanted to be the voice of those girls, and like Malala, I will not stop until those girls return. As some protesters said recently, “We cannot just push the issue of the Chibok girls back and go on with life as if nothing has happened, and I add, 276 lives of defend-less girls cannot be brushed under the carpet and be forgotten.

(We will continue).

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