Day 92! ………………How Did We Get Here? (33)

Today we hear President Jonathan tell us that Israel has joined the search for the girls. One day, they tell us that they know where the girls are, another day they tell us that the search for the girls continues. This is simply to show that the Nigerian authorities will pull anything from under their sleeve just to shut everybody up.

I am really very pleasantly surprised to see that President Jonathan accepted to meet with Malala. Of course, he had no choice but to meet with her. He knows the whole world was watching. It has to take the visit of Malala to Nigeria, and her call on the President, to get the President to promise to meet with the parents of the abducted girls. Something he should have done immediately the girls were abducted. Even his visit to Chibok, the place the abduction took place has eluded the people of Chibok. We hear that he is afraid to visit the place for security reasons.

This is a man who is commander in chief of all Nigerian armed forces, a man who moves in and out of the country, and within the country with fully armed security guards, and he cannot visit a crime scene after three months, and have not met with the victims of this crime, or the escapees … What manner of President is this? And why are Nigerians still putting up with him? This is the same man who wants to be re-elected President for a second term?

(We will continue.)

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