Day 93! ………………How Did We Get Here? (34)

After the parents of the abducted girls refused to see President Jonathan for obvious reasons; one, that it took the visit of Malala to him to convince him of the need to see them, two, that they know that seeing him will not resolve the problem of their daughters, and three, that the president should have called the meeting in Chibok, not in Abuja, the authorities are now claiming that the refusal of the parents to see the President is politically motivated. We know it is not, but trust the authorities to cling to any excuse to justify their indolence and failures

The authorities now want to turn the blame away from them and focus it on the parents. Very soon, we will be told again that it is the parents’ fault for the delay in freeing the girls. I said again because they have blamed them before for not giving them the names of their daughters, and perhaps their photographs too, to splash them all over the world’s news papers. Of course, the government must be right even in doing wrong. When it comes to the issue of the Chibok girls, and as things stand now, they are wrong! No excuse will ever clean up this mess they have made of it.

If President Jonathan really want to politicize the abduction of our 276 girls, he should hurry up and have them released. The more he waits the more it damages his chances of ever winning a second term. Unless, as it always happens, he rigs the election.

(We will continue.)

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