Day 94! ………………How Did We Get Here? (35)

President Jonathan of Nigeria has now formally invited the parents of the abducted girls to a meeting. It is not clear where the meeting will take place, but the invitation has been sent, has been received, and the parents have pledged to attend. This is progress. We shall now wait and see how things go. We should never forget that this meeting if, and when it happens was initiated by Malala. We thank God for that and hope that her involvement in the affaires of the Chibok girls will yield quick results.

The President’s adviser is up in arms defending the President’s lateness in taking action on the Chibok girls’ case, citing the many other duties the President had to see to. Sometimes, these people think they are talking to some fools who cannot read between the lines. In the case of the Chibok girls, President Jonathan failed, period. No amount of justifications can right it. It will be better that he simply accepts his failures and move on from there, than make excuses.

The Military too is trying to justify the excessive desertions of the soldiers when confronted with Boko Haram. Like why at this crucial time they have to cut the salary of their soldiers to half? With all the money the government claims to be spending on the Military, they chose this time to be cutting salaries, and they think they can justify that?

(We will continue.)

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