Day 95! ………………How Did We Get Here? (36)

The first time I heard that the Nigerian government hired an American company to manage her image, and make the Nigerian government look good to the world in spite of their many blunders, I realized that indeed Nigeria needs a few wise men at the helm of government, or at least, a few wise men as advisors to the President. How can anyone, with the kind of record that is staring us in the face think that it will only take a good lier to make her look good. They say that it takes two lies to cover up one lie. How many lies will it take to cover up the kind of lies we are witnessing in Nigeria?

The facts are there for everyone to see. The government is not only failing, but has failed. It has failed the abducted girls, it has failed the whole population, it has even failed herself. When a government cannot protect her citizenry, when a government has lost control of the authority given to her, when a government, instead of delivering results looks for ways to justify her lack of competence in delivering, this is the government telling the whole world that politicians in the country are trying to stop her from going for a second term…

If it is true that this is all politics, then whoever is at the helm of this campaign is not only astute, but has succeeded in showing the whole world how incompetent this present government has become. It is already too late for the government to redeem itself.

(We will continue.)

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