Day 96! ………………How Did We Get Here? (37)

It has become very difficult to sifter the truth from what is happening, and the attempts of the Nigerian Military and the authorities to cover up, and claim victory over Boko Haram. The bombing in Lagos is still undergoing claims and counter claims of who really is responsible, Boko Haram, or the hand of God. Boko Haram claims they did it, a very belated claim, and the authorities claim otherwise. Who do we believe?

Recently, the Military claimed to have fought back an attack of Boko Haram to their base, killing a good number of the attackers, but the villagers are telling a different story. According to them, the Military fled their camp, and Boko Haram has continued to rebuff their attempt to return to their base. Again, who do we believe?

It is important to state again that Nigeria is not at war, but she is being stoked to go to war by some invisible elements who think that they can benefit if Nigeria goes to war. These elements are investing heavily in the bloody activities of Boko Haram, by using a bunch of illiterate fools to do their dirty job, hoping in the end to reap from it. Unfortunately, all they have succeeded in doing is to discredit the government as a government without backbone.
The President has already lost control of the North, he better not lose control of the South. The girls are still missing…

(We will continue.)

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