Day 97! ………………How Did We Get Here? (38)

Our girls are still missing. The government is still not providing answers as to where they are held, when they will be released, and how soon they will come home. Instead, we see a lot of bickering going on between the government and some activists who are demanding action from the government, about whether the case of the girls has now become political or not. An argument that only begs the issue, and delays the finding and releasing the girls.

No wonder the help promised by the international community in finding the girls is yielding no results. The Military must be thinking that the promised help means that they should be sit tight and let the outsiders do the job for them. The generals in their air conditioned offices probably see this as their chance of becoming even richer than they already are. A prolonged search means more money will be allocated, the generals will stuff their pockets more, badly armed, ill fed, and disillusioned army will be sent out to face the marauders, and the overall result, failure. Back to the drawing board, and everything repeats itself. The top shots are probably making sure that this drama never ends.

My heart goes out for those girls, because they are not only dealing with their captors, they are also dealing with the ineptitude of a government and the criminal minds of top security officers they depend on to save them.

(We will continue.)

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