Day 103! ………………How Did We Get Here? (44)

Let me diverge a little today. I know for sure, that America, after the 911, has developed eyes everywhere that are watching, trailing and monitoring movements, actions, and even thoughts if she could, of all citizens in America and even beyond. We say in Nigeria, when criminals go undetected, when criminals are let free to commit the same crime again, when known criminals are allowed to compete and win elections, sometimes while still serving prison sentences, that this could only happen in Nigeria.

In the same vein, when we hear that a Nigerian has committed an offense in American, and is caught, we say that the criminal thinks that he is in Nigeria, where criminals almost, always go unpunished.
Yesterday, I wrote about the need for the world to keep a vigilant watch on the activities of the Islamic insurgency in the world, to control it now as it continues to spread, and today, when I read about a new group, deadlier than Al-Qaida, threatening the President of America, telling him that they are coming for him, my first thought was that, these are demented idiots! Do they think that America is their countries where crimes go undetected?

The abduction of our girls in Nigeria would have been swept under the carpet had it not gone global. It would have been business as usual in Nigeria. Thankfully, not this time.

(We will continue.)

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