Day 104! ………………How Did We Get Here? (45)

Boko Haram is beginning to implode! Some of those we suspect are their sponsors and god fathers, who have now lost control of the imbeciles, who are since marauding beyond their mandates, are now on the run from their out of control monsters. It is the law of nature. What goes round, comes round. He that kills by the sword, dies by the sword. Only a few of them are now on the run, the rest will also be caught up in this deadly web that they have crafted. I suspect that they are now prisoners of their own making, prisoners in their homes, wondering when it will be their turn.

Boko Haram is now under the control of a more deadly affiliation which spurs them on, and makes them believe that they have a righteous cause, that makes them believe that they will die and go to heaven in clothes dripping with the blood of murdered innocents.

The Nigerian supporters may be dolling out the cash, but the push and instructions are coming from beyond Nigeria. In fact, they are now making serious incursions into those other countries bothering Nigeria. We hear about their fight with the Cameroonian army, who is resisting Boko Haram’s attempt in creating a safe heaven there. They have been in and out of Cameroon before, until Cameroon realized that these people are not friends, but foes.

The other countries bothering Nigeria, Chad and Niger who in the past gave them a free way are also finally realizing that Boko Haram is a foe, a common foe.

(We will continue.)

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