Day 105! ………………How Did We Get Here? (46)

Yesterday, I was telling those countries bothering Nigeria to be wary of Boko Haram and the intensions of the group who start by masquerading as friends but end up as foes. Today the news is out that Boko Haram has now intensified their incursions into the Cameroon, attacking, killing and kidnapping. They have even gone as far as kidnapping the wife of the Vice Premier of Cameroon and her house help, both women.

Very soon, Boko Haram will become a West African problem. This is because, if you are their friend today, and tomorrow speak out against their atrocities, whether you are their sponsor, god father, or the country that once supported them, they will turn ferociously against you. They do not like criticisms. You are either a friend or foe to them, a supporter, or one to be mauled down and savagely killed.

They are still in Nigeria. Their plan being that if they can bring Nigeria to her knees, Chad, Niger and Cameroon will be easy taking. Now that these three countries are teaming with Nigeria to wade off Boko Haram, these countries will now be getting a taste of Boko Haram’s high-handedness.

Once again, let me remind the world that the insurgency of the Islamic crusaders is spreading. Shall we stand by and watch them get out of control?

(We will continue.)

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