Day 117! ………………How Did We Get Here? (58)

Finally, President Jonathan is speaking out. Also finally, the Nigerian Military is beginning to look like a Military, and not like a group of ragamuffins we saw cowering away from Boko Haram, who rather than fight back, ran away leaving valuable arms and equipment to be looted by the miscreants. Today, we see a more determined and forceful army out in the trenches ready to battle Boko Haram. Because of this, we are beginning to hear less of the exploits of Boko Haram. I pray the Military do not relent. Just as I told the hunters of Nigeria, the Military should fight the fight first, and reap their reward later.

All those past complaints about hunger, and having inferior arms compared to Boko Haram should be put aside. We know the story. They should now try to recover all the arms that Boko Haram had looted from them, and those they gave to Boko Haram in exchange for whatever, and make sure that the stories surrounding the Military arms should not be allowed to repeat themselves.

Boko Haram cannot outnumber the Nigerian Military. That was a false claim. If any soldier fails to see Boko Haram as a national plague that must be uprooted with all possible force, then that soldier does not deserve to be called a soldier. Such soldiers should be dismissed from the Military, so also their commanders who have so far taken this whole tragedy lightly.

(We will continue.)

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