Day 118! ………………How Did We Get Here? (59)

I know I cannot ignore commenting on ebola in Nigeria, but I have very carefully avoided doing so, not to shift focus on the abducted girls. I however, must say a word or two about it. The Nigerian government has already declared a national emergency on it, and knowing my people well, they will adhere to the letter to this emergency call. Everyone, I am sure must be taking every precautions for safety, even those far removed from the danger. No one wants to die, not from a decease no one understands, which has no cure.

Some of our traditional healers must be at work now concocting potions for the cure of ebola, but mostly now for the prevention, so our people are covered. The spread will be contained and a cure must surely be found. If this is an African problem, as they claim it is, then an African solution must be found for it.

Can anyone imagine the fear that will be whirling around the Boko Haram camp with this outbreak, especially the camp where the girls are being held? I was listening to one of the redeemed Boko Haram boys tell the story of how those cowardly fighters are afraid of death. They love to kill, but are afraid to die. They also hate to see their own die, but they love to snuff life out of whole families. From that story, we now know that the inhuman and bloody actions of Boko Haram is that of zombies. I have always known that they cannot be humans to do what they do.

(We will continue.)

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