Day 115! ………………How Did We Get Here? (66)

So I went to see my doctor about what I believed to be a routine check-up, and the next things I knew, I ended up at the ER. Still believing that it was something minor, that everyone was making a fuss for nothing, I saw myself delayed overnight. Okay, I said, one night will not kill me, but the problem was that I never posted my blog for the day, a blog I had written and waiting to post.

All I know is, I did not fret. I know that if the girls had the chance of following my blogs, they would know that I always have their back, that if I did not post, something beyond my control must have happened. I am out, and backs, but I must remember to slow down. Aging seems to be catching up, no, sneaking up on me, and I must remember to accept this and slow down.

More than a month ago, some Nigerian governors came together and told us that the abducted girls will soon be freed and returned. I for one did not believe that they were serious. These were people who were so far removed from that problem, people who believed they were talking to the gullible. See what has happened. See how they have not even contributed anything toward finding the girls. They made their empty promises, turned back and returned to their various states, and, I am sure, quickly forgot all about the promises.

I had expected that the least they could have done was send help, visible help toward finding the girls. Did they? We know they did not.

(We will continue.)

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