Day 116! ………………How Did We Get Here? (67)

Yesterday, I started talking about how the rest of Nigeria, not affected by Boko Haram’s menace, is acting as if that problem is not their problem. Unfortunately, it is also their problem. It is true that the North created and nurtures this problem, but if we want the country to remain one, then all should join hands and see that this evil called Boko Haram is destroyed.

It is best we fight our common enemy first, and then tackle the enemy in the house later. The North has not only created this problem, but they compound it by making the North the breading ground for the creation of groups like Boko Haram. The poverty in the North is self inflicted. The northern states get allocations every year like all other States in Nigeria, but what they do with their allocation is another thing altogether. If the governors of the North are using allocations for development, the poverty in the North would have lessened. We know that they use their allocations to get themselves, they families and friends out of their own poverty, and the rest in the State, both people and services, is left abject.

However, Boko Haram is now a national problem, not just a northern problem. The whole country should not stand and watch as those hoodlums over-run the country, because they could if left to continue as thing are right now. The whole country should rise up against Boko Haram or else, we will have ourselves to blame. They should be stopped now before they do further harm.

(We will continue.)

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