Day 117! ………………How Did We Get Here? (68)

We hear that the Nigerian Military has finally mutinied. These are the same people we have been calling on the powers that be, to disband and re-constitute. We have also been calling on the government to sack the generals under whom the poorly equipped Military serve. They, the generals should be held responsible for any action taken by the personnel serving under them, and if these men mutiny, their generals have also mutinied, and all of them should go.

We hope President Jonathan will have the courage to dismiss these people now that he has been given the opportunity to do so. Let us see what he does.

It was a very heartening news to learn this morning that one of Nigeria’s relentless crime fighters, Malam Nuhu Ribadu is now vying for the governorship of his home State under the umbrella of President Jonathan’s own party. He just crossed over. This is one man I will vote for in the hope that he will rid Nigeria of corruption, even though he is from the North, and it is not their turn to rule. Nigeria needs someone like this man who can root out the thieves and expose them. He has proved himself in the past, and I know that given the chance, he will turn Nigeria back on the right path. Let us continue to hope.

Corruption in high and low places is the bane of Nigeria, and anyone who promises to fight and eliminate it is the man after my own heart no matter where he comes from.

(We will continue.)

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