Day 119! ………………How Did We Get Here? (70)

It is true that when one finger points at someone, the remaining four fingers point back at the pointer. When the North unleashed the Boko Haram mayhem on the rest of Nigeria, hoping that it will distract the nation from the truth, they did not know that it could backfire. The way things are going today shows that it has backfired. Boko Haram’s onslaughts seem to be wasted efforts, a wasting of lives and properties, nothing else. It has not, and will not bring the North any gains whatsoever. It has only opened the eyes of even Northern Christians to the games of their feudal lords, who will go to any extent go keep the North perennially poor, and even make assaults on the South.

How dare these obtuse lords, who only think of themselves, and use others to fight their battles to entrench their rule. Shame on all those so ignorant and gullible to listen to them and allow themselves to be used. President Jonathan will probably win a reelection only because of the sins of the Northern lords. The whole country may rally around and see that no Northerner wins because of all their machinations and the spill of blood. In spite of President Jonathan’s weaknesses and inadequacies, he still stands better chance than any of those known and un-known Northern lords, who in planning his downfall, might have instead, helped him to overcome.

If President Jonathan wins, my prayer for him is that he does not repeat the sins, his sins of the past, his mistakes of the past. I would rather someone stronger willed wins.

(We will continue.)

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