Day 120! ………………How Did We Get Here? (71)

It is very disturbing to find out that Boko Haram in Nigeria could be getting their directives from ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The same questions asked today by well meaning people on why this murderous groups were not taken out as soon as they reared their heads, is also asked about Boko Haram. Also while some Muslim groups are paying lip service against the groups, we hear that the groups are very well funded. It would seem that the Muslims of this world are saying one thing for the benefit of us all, but doing something else in secret. This is exactly what is happening in Nigeria. A few Muslim leaders are voicing out against Boko Haram for political reasons, but still sponsoring Boko Haram secretly.

We are told that Islam requires that any adherent with means, MUST support any form of Jihad, and could these people truly claim to be on Jihad? We have also learnt that apart from the outward atrocities which we are subjected to by these groups, behind the scene, they are worse than animals. Those sins they kill and mutilate openly for, are committed by them to worse levels; they use drugs to dull their blood letting, they rape women and possibly men too, even if they are openly against homosexuality. Their shepherd boys and men have sex with the animals they shepherd, they drink and smoke in private, yet openly, they kill and maim because of these abominations.

They will stone a woman to death for adultery, but nothing will be heard about the man who committed the adultery with the woman. So much falsehood, so much inconsistencies, so much lies, so much double face …

(We will continue.)

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