Day 121! ………………How Did We Get Here? (72)

Just as ISIS is getting out of hand, and getting more difficult to control, Boko Haram in Nigeria is slowly but surely becoming too strong that to root them out will take more than the Nigeria Military. I have said this before, and I say it again, Nigerians must unite against Boko Haram, especially now that it is clear we have no security forces. President Jonathan must know that the onus is on him to lead the way. The more he waits, the more those blood suckers are inching in.

Today, we hear that they have even taken over a Police training school in Gwoza, near those areas of their operation, and that they are now aiming at taking over bigger cities. What is the government doing? They are still setting up committees to study how to root out Boko Haram, while Boko Haram is continuing with their onslaughts on a daily basis. This is really very frustrating! So now Boko Haram has more arms seized from this new assault.

It is unfortunate that the whole country is watching and waiting. Those abducted girls must by now have lost all hope of ever gaining their freedom. The more I think of it, the more it pains me that this whole thing is still dragging on. Boko Haram can be up-rooted. Nigeria has done it before, but we need the will to do so. I also suspect that the Military which is made up of over fifty percent of Northerners may not want this mess, created by the Northerners to go away. They are definitely, secretly fueling it.

(We will continue.)

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