Day 122! ………………How Did We Get Here? (73)

Boko Haram is today bragging about their wins, and about their success in creating a Caliphate in the North east of Nigeria. I do not see this ever happening, and I am sure they too know it is not possible. The only way this might be possible is that those parts they are claiming will not become part of Nigeria in the long run. I cannot envisage that ever happening in this modern times. Such adventure will never succeed, and will never be allowed to take root. This is why I do not understand why those marauders are still out destroying lives and properties.

The failures of the Nigerian Military to end this harassment is simply the North holding the rest of the country ransom. The sponsors of this murderous group are sitting, folding their arms, and waiting to see the outcome of these onslaughts. By the time this is all over, they may have no country to rule, Caliphate or no Caliphate. The real problem is that the North wants the North only for Northerners, but how can this be, if the North is also a part of the whole country?

Unless, as I suspect, they want the north of themselves, and want to south also to control. Whichever way we look at it, the North wants it all, and they want to get it by not actually declaring an outright war, but by conducting an indirect and covert war on the country, a war they hope will allows them to rule over the country ad infinitum, so they bring in outsiders, protect and arm them to do their dirty work.

(We will continue.)

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