Day 124! ………………How Did We Get Here? (75)

Wonders shall never end! News coming from Cameroon says that 450 Nigerian soldiers fled into Cameroon running from Boko Haram’s attack. The Nigerian response to this is that they were chasing Boko Haram and found themselves across the border into in the Cameroon territory. Who to believe?! Not only did they take refuge in Cameroon, they went there with all their arms, tanks and pickup trucks. Being so heavily armed, wouldn’t Cameroon have consider them a threat? Certainly. This goes to say that they fled into Cameroon for refuge, and not with the intention of attacking Cameroon. Therefore, I am inclined to believe the Cameroon’s story.

This shows once again that Nigeria does not have security forces. How can the military live this down, apart from the attempts to cover it up. 450 armed soldiers running away from a band of ragamuffins! Here in Nigeria, we describe this as, “We don die finish,” meaning, the country is done for, another expression, but I will leave it at that. I am beginning to really feel sorry for President Jonathan. As the first authentic civilian president of Nigeria, the forces are no giving him any chance of success at all. Other presidents before him have been military men who went from their uniforms to, as we say again in Nigeria, “agbada.” Although they were not in their uniforms, they were still military men with military mentality, and military way of doing things.

This is the legacy left for President Jonathan, to work with a damaged military, a military not used to working with a civilian president, and a military which is now a shell of its former self.

(We will continue.)

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