Day 125! ………………How Did We Get Here? (76)

The story behind the Nigerian troop that fled into Cameroon is widening, and becoming more intricate and complicated. One thing is clear about this. Nothing can ever justify such an action by a country’s defense force. So no amount of explanations or clarification can justify it. The defense headquarters calls it a “tactical maneuver,” while an anonymous soldier on the ground describes it as “running out of ammunition” when they had to engage Boko Haram a second time the same day. The question now is, what happens to the top brass responsible for this lapse? And what will President Jonathan do about it?

Let us wait and see. Now that the runaway soldiers are said to be on their way back to Nigeria after surrendering their arms to the Cameroonian forces, we would like to know their names and ranks. What a shame!

We have Boko Haram desperately trying to remain in the news, and current, by challenging the Nigerian forces on all fronts, and also by hoping that the world will forget the atrocity of the 270 schools girls they abducted, anything to create distractions and diversions, and the military has given them even more exposure. Now Boko Haram has one more thing to gloat about. What a mess!

With all these confusion going on, no one is talking anymore about the abducted Chibok girls. Just what Boko Haram wants, and who knows, maybe the authorities too, to lessen the pressure on them to find the girls.

(We will continue.)

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