Day 126! ………………How Did We Get Here? (77)

All the time I was making conjectures on the problems of Islam in Nigeria, I did not know that I was touching the core of that problem. I would like to refer readers of my blog to this link:

I am not a Muslim, and I cannot say that I know the history of the struggles of Islam. I know the history of my country and how Usman Dan Fodio’s became the supreme ruler of his conquered territories which comprised mostly of Northern Nigeria. When the British amalgamated the nations known today as Nigeria, the British very astutely, based on their prior agreements with Dan Fodio, allowed Dan Fodios to secretly spread his supreme rule claim over the whole of the new nation. Hence their claim to this day as being born to rule. No one else can rule beside them, and when that happened with the election of a non northerner, and a non Muslim, they covertly raised hell to try and take back rule.

Here’s the problem, this monster they raised, using religion as a front, but politics as the main reason, has gradually gone out of their control. What they do not know is that they too are at risk from this group. Nigeria is now a democratic nation, with a constitution which still largely favors the North. The North has strongly stood against a review of the constitution for that reason. The North also largely owns the Military. So we can understand why the Military is behaving so badly and no one is able to do anything about it, not even the President …

(We will continue.)

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