Day 127! ………………How Did We Get Here? (78)

Today, I am just going to say a prayer for the abducted Chibok girls, 270 at the beginning and now 213 remaining. For all those who will be offended by this prayer, please forgive me, and try not to be too judgmental. Those of us who believe usually resort to prayers when all has been tried, and all has failed. We turn to God.

Prayer for the Chibok Girls in Captivity

Dear Lord,
Maker of Heaven and Earth
Of All things visible and invisible
There is no other God besides you
You hold the whole world in your Creative Hands
You know what is hidden and unhidden
You are the Omnipotent and Mighty God
The Beginning and the End
You are the I Am that I Am
No one can withstand You
We bring case of our abducted girls before You
And we ask You Lord to Intervene, to make a way for them to return from their captivity
Only You Lord can do this
We put all of them into Your redeeming Hands
And we ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Please, pray with me.

(We will continue.)

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