Day 133! ………………How Did We Get Here? (84)

After reading the historical analysis of Alastair Crooke’s on the roots of ISIS and its impact on the future of the Middle East, the current insurgency in northern Nigeria, reflects the same analysis. The two are no doubt connected. Although ISIS has not as yet thrown a direct challenge at the Saudi Royal family, the Royal family knows that they are coming, hence the warning a few days ago by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah of ISIS threat to the whole world, and I say, especially to his kingdom.

We can see how Boko Haram currently targets only the North east of Nigeria, while they tactically, I believe, avoid the North west, Sokoto, the seat of the Islamic Caliphate in Nigeria. I see their declaration of a new Caliphate in the North east is a direct challenge to the Sarduana of Sokoto. If Boko Haram is not stopped now, if the government, and in fact the whole world continues looking at them or treating them with child’s gloves, very soon they will over-run the whole of northern Nigeria. Is this the plan of their sponsors? We will never know.

All I know is that Nigeria as a country will never come under Islamic rule and law. The South definitely will fight to the last man to ensure that Islamic rule, if and when it occurs will be limited to northern Nigeria. And by the time this happens, Nigeria would have become two separate countries.

(We will continue.)

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