Day 134! ………………How Did We Get Here? (85)

At last, we hear that the US will soon launch a major border security program to help Nigeria with the fight against Boko Haram. Let’s hope this will not be like the promise of long range surveillance drones that never happened. Yesterday, the president of Nigeria called for help from the international committee to wade off and destroy Boko Haram, yesterday also, I was appealing to the world to do something quick before Boko Haram succeeds in dividing Nigeria into two or multiple countries. If this is the plan of those shadows behind their actions, we do not know, but the final outcome is pointing to that division.

Although America has too much on the fire right now, the case of Nigeria seems easier to be contained now than later. Let’s hope that this launch starts soon, and that other nations will join to end this scourge.

Any hope for our girls? Yes, we must never lose hope. Those girls’ return will be a lesson in divine power of God, and those who do not believe in miracles, will begin to believe. Those girls will return, and please people, continue to pray for their return.

I wanted to take a break today from writing, I tried, but I could not. Writing about the fate of these girls is the only way I can help. They say that the pen is mightier than the gun. I hope it is, and I hope that writing and keeping the abduction girls condition in the front burner will help us not to forget. They must never be forgotten.

(We will continue.)

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