Day 135! ………………How Did We Get Here? (86)

Yesterday was a happy day, happy on all fronts as US and her Allies agreed to put a stop to the ISIS deluge wherever they try to spread their influence. At the same time, news filtered out that the US has agreed to help Nigeria police her borders, and the borders of all those countries surrounding Nigeria. That is great news indeed, and a very proactive approach to a problem that is threatening to plunge the world into another world war. I don’t know what game Russia is playing right now, but it looks to me that they are trying to capitalize on the confusion created by ISIS to go a snatching. That to me is another threat to world peace, unless Russia is covertly preparing for a third world war, or coaxing the world towards it.

People should always be careful about what they wish. If Russia believes they can win that war, that is, subdue the whole world, they should continue their present recklessness and push on. They will not be the first country to have tried to take on the world and failed. People never learn from history.

This is just a diversion from my main concern, our abducted girls. The problem is that the more focus is on these other distractions all over the world, focus is shifted away from the girls, although, somehow, all of these are connected. As things stand, the fate of our girls may only be resolved when Boko Haram is ousted. Let’s just continue to pray that it will not be too late for them when that time comes.

(We will continue.)

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