Day 135! ………………How Did We Get Here? (86)

The sad news is that Boko Hara is still claiming territories in North eastern Nigeria. They have tactically kept quiet for now about setting up a Caliphate. They know there could not be two Caliphates in Nigeria, and they know also that if they want to continue getting and keeping the support from their Nigerian sponsors, they must shelve the claim of a Caliphate until such a time when their masters are ready to expose themselves. Right now, those masters are not yet ready to expose themselves, or declare who among them will be the Caliph. I don’t believe their original aim was that of a Caliphate. Moreover, their supposed claimed territories are just territories void of inhabitants. Now we hear that they are begging people in their new captured territories to stay, but they are not staying. They know how Boko Haram operates.

If they are seizing and taking over empty lands, we wonder how they plan to populate those lands. It is clear that Boko Haram had no plans from the onset, this is because those who unleashed them had no plans. What they hoped will be a simple and quick shake up on the population, a hit and run, is turning into something completely unplanned. They don’t seem to know where this thing is going. They cannot pull it back, and they cannot break the surge.

Where does all this leave our girl? In Limbo. But, hope is alive, and prayers keep pouring in.
Hope is not lost.

(We will continue.)

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