Day 136! ………………How Did We Get Here? (87)

It was only yesterday that I was writing about how Boko Haram did not have any plans from the onset about what to do with their victories, and how their sponsors only unleashed them to disorganize and disrupt the government of President Jonathan. This notion is beginning to gain more grounds than their attempt to copy ISIS. Not only were they not supposed to do more than just performing acts of rascality, and irresponsibility, they were not even supposed to do anything close to beheading, mass killings, and wiping out of villages and towns, a reckless band of murderers and destroyers of properties.

I was reading an interview this morning between two American journalists, one on the ground in northern Nigeria, and the other somewhere out there. Not only did they report that Boko Haram is emptying towns and taking them over, but the abducted girls, who have been sighted by an American surveillance plane, in groups of sixties and forties, are moved constantly, as soon as they are sighted to avoid the girls being rescued.

The good thing is that these girls are alive, if their condition can be so termed. They are there somewhere. It is also very clear that Boko Haram is finding keeping these girls a big liability. Although they are holding out against the Nigerian government over these girls, keeping them may soon not be an option anymore. Their resources are being dented deeply for keeping the girls, and we pray that they will not be mad enough to do those girls more harm before they are rescued.

(We will continue .)

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