Day 137! ………………How Did We Get Here? (88)

I read a disturbing story today about what seemed to be the insensitivity of President Jonathan toward the people of Nigerian, or it could just be him having no clue. He has repeatedly claimed to know where the girls are, and to know who Boko Haram’s sponsors are. Why he hasn’t ordered the rescue of the girls whether dead or alive, no one knows, and why he hasn’t brought these sponsors to book, again, no one knows. Could it just be cowardice, or something else? All this man has to do is give the Military a time frame to find and rescue these girls, and to kick some top Military brass out if the time frame is not met.

It is alleged that he recently undertook a business tour to one of the neighboring countries to discuss and agree about the two countries combining their efforts against Boko Haram, and that in his entourage he had one of the well known Boko Haram sponsors. Someone who has been severally accused of aiding and abetting Boko Haram, and has never been brought to book. This is the man he chose to go and discuss how to destroy Boko Haram… Does that make any sense? If this story is true, then President Jonathan is every bad name he has been called so far.

The man seems to be looking out only for himself, and his political stay. We know that he is surrounded by northern spies, but to invite them into this business is clearly a folly. Let us hope he can explain this, although he never does.

(We will continue.)

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