Day 158! ………………How Did We Get Here? (109)

“Boko Haram: Red Cross negotiates Chibok girls swap”

Although this news happened on the 12th. of September, 2014, it is heartening to know that the Red Cross is working behind the scenes to assist with the release of the girls. The fact that the Red Cross is involved gives us hope. If those girls are all alive, the Nigerian government should reconsider their stand about the exchange of prisoners. Boko Haram’s prisoners may be hardened criminals, but they are also marked, and will probably be recaptured again soon, or killed. So I beg the president to reconsider his stand for the sake of those girls.

“12 convicted soldiers don’t deserve to die –Poll”

They have taken a poll in Nigeria to know whether the Military has the right to execute those in their rank and file who performed the unpardonable. They pointed their arms on their superior. The poll says that over 80% of the respondents do not want the soldiers to be killed. My view on this is that civilians should keep out of the affaires of the Military. It should not be our concern at all what the Military decides to do. All we want from the Military is that they should use the same measure to deal with those amongst them who steal funds meant for arms, and the saboteurs who are Boko Haram’s informants.

“Boko Haram looting our armoury – DHQ” (Defense Head Quarters)

Especially those who inform Boko Haram about when and how to attack and loot Military armories. They should know who these people are, flush them out, and court marshal them. Those are the real enemies of the country.

(We will continue.)

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