Day 159! ………………How Did We Get Here? (110)

“$9.3m arms deal: Oritsejafor opens up”

The story about this apparently stolen millions is beginning to unfold. Still no one has owned up as owner of the money, not even the government who was used as excuse for smuggling the money, not even the Military who purportedly was to use the money in buying arms. Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else. Even the preacher whose private plane was used in smuggling the money has come up with his own excuses and finger pointing. At least, if he wants us to believe him, he should reveal the name or names of those who hired the plane. There must be a manifesto. Right now, there is a big cover-up going on, but the truth will always surface.

“Nigeria’s campaigning president says “turning tide” against Islamists”

Yesterday, during his Independence speech, President Jonathan bragged about his achievements, and the bravery of the Military in tackling Boko Haram. He tried to make light the exploits of Boko Haram, but that is only in his mind. He must be myopic if he cannot see what is happening around him, Boko Haram is still on the surge, and bent on shaming him and the whole country. He may end up winning a re-election, because, of all those challenging him, he seems to be the lesser evil, but the specter of those girls will hang over his head until they return.

“Nigeria court martials soldiers for balking at taking on Boko Haram”

These Nigerian soldiers are the reflection of what Nigeria has become. A country of cheats at all levels of the society, people who will sell their souls for a bowl of porridge. As much as I do not want to meddle into Military affaires, the Military reflects us. We are them, and they are us.

(We will continue.)

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