Day 160! ………………How Did We Get Here? (111)

“Nigeria cannot be transformed overnight – Jonathan”

With Nigeria at 54, the president is talking about an overnight transformation. No wonder the governing body always treated Nigeria as a toothless baby. So 54 years is too soon for us to see concrete changes and real growth in Nigeria?… Or perhaps, he was talking about himself, not having enough time to leave his imprint on the Nigerian growth. Whichever it is, Nigeria at 54 is way behind in development. Every infrastructure in Nigeria, built by our past and luminary political fathers, have failed due to lack of maintenance. Nothing works, and the man is out there thumping his chest. He should name one thing that works, or one that he started that works.

“How I made my money, fathered 30 children -Atiku”

This headline is not only nauseating, but shows how small minded some of our men are. He has that many children, but he did not say from how many wives, the ages of these wives, and how many children from each wife, seeing we are dealing with the absurd. He wants us to believe that he made his money building and renting houses, and not from stealing oil money, a Nigerian politician?! He should tell that to the marines. As far as I know, if he is a politician in Nigeria, he is one of the thieves. You can all see how shameless some Nigerian elites are?

“Boko Haram: 3 jailed 75 years”

Just a few word here. Even in court, members of Boko Haram killers wore their masks, and the judge allowed it.

“Boko Haram leader dismisses claims of his death in new video”

Just another few word, who cares whether this man is dead or alive. Stop the miscreants.

(We will continue.)

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